Thursday, September 17, 2009


As I was driving Riley to pre-school today he was asking about the lines he could see on the road. He asked what the yellow lines meant. At that point we were driving beside a turning lane right by my Aunt Zada's house so I preceeded to tell him if I wanted to turn onto her road to go to Zada's I would get into the middle of those yellow lines. Talking about Aunt Zada opened up a new conversation. I told him that Aunt Alta lived there now cause Zada got to go live with Heavenly Father. This was the conversation.

Riley-Why does Zada live with Heavenly Father?
Me-Cause she was old and sick so she went to live with Heavenly Father to feel better.
Riley-Where does Jesus live?
Me-In Heaven.
Riley-Is Heaven in the sky?
Me-Yeah sort of.
Riley-Does Jesus reach down and grab people?
Me-(wanting to laugh cause that was too cute) No sweetie that's not how it happens.
Riley-How do we get there?
Me-Well when we die our spirits go to Heaven.
Riley-How long do we die for?
Me-I get to live with you, daddy, Aiden, and Cheyanne forever and ever!

I guess that must have satisfied him enough or we were just about to school that he stopped asking more questions. This conversation was too cute and it is so hard to try and explain things to a child so they can comprehend what you are telling them without them totally thinking you're looney.


  1. Too cute! Got to love the never ending questions. Colter doesn't get death. He thinks that sometime Jesus will let them go to the doctor and they'll be all better.

  2. They understand so much more than we think! It must be because they've been in heaven more recently! I love those "jesus conversations."

  3. Too too cute!!! I love those conversations and finding out exactly what they think...he is adorable!

  4. I love it when people put conversations with their children on blogs because they are always so funny and sweet!
    You're such a good mom giving your sweet little boy an eternal perspective!

  5. Yes I am so glad that I found your blog!